Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swap #1

This is my first swap with my friends in my country

Beautyful card and stamps came from Sekar - Yogyakarta

Big card came from Arcel - Yogyakarta. I love this stamps saman dancer Aceh.

cute flower pink card from Dewi Ridwan - Bandung . Traditional music stamps is awesome.

Your hungry? Arsik ikan mas is very delicious. thank you Connie - Pontianak for this card.

Brrrrrmmmmmm...... cool vintage car from Una - Jakarta

Vintage advertising came from Gea - Yogyakarta. I love it!!!

this card came from Titin Syam - Jakarta. Nice stamps and i like it

Incoming #4

A great day!!! do you know what? Yes, many beautyful postcards received me :)

this card from Christy - Los Angeles. Cute micky and minie mouse card and i loveeeeeeee this stamps especially Harry Potter stamps.

This from Simone - Dresden Eastern Germany. Awesome street art card i like it.

from Olga - Russia. She is live in Perm Russia. Tell me why, this stamps not stamped?

and this card came from Ada - Amsterdam Netherland. Beautyful building, make me want to visit to Amsterdam.

my first long card came from Irina - Russia. This card look cold winter and a lot of snow.

then card from Dwi Irmayanti - Jakarta. this card she is drawing with own self very creative.

Pink vespa card came from Rezki - Kediri, look cute if i am riding :D

Incoming #3

Incoming postcards from postcrossing. I'm really very happy to receive it.


This card from Johanna Rotterdam - Netherland. Thanks to Beautyful buildings card and stamps.

This card from Mariet - Nieuwegein Netherland. I don't now this picture :D but i like it.

And the last came from Aurelle - Deutsche Germany. Wonderful stamps and this my first time see this.