Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brown vs Torquise

Hello...^^ this is my first time to upload my outfit. So.....i'm sorry for ugly my fashion style but i'm learning to fix it.
Ok, let's to tell about my outfit ^^!!!
This skirts (umbrella skirt) handmade by me use mega mendung batik from west java. This batik so beautiful mix of color Turquise, black and blue. And my T-shirt from Giardano, very comfortable to wear, cute design with red heart. The Bag and shoes from one of the stores in Yogyakarta, I forget the name of his shop ^^.

wekkksss oh my GOD...... I look very short and chubby in here (it's not good for angel -_-")

this my shoes arrrggggghhhh.....brown vintage combination with gold beads

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